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Podcast Interview with Visionary Leader Chester Ruiz on Immigration Reform and the Bay Area’s Invisible Workforce that is Migrant Skilled Labor


By Adam Mendoza

Chester Ruiz Podcast - Adam Mendoza

Today on the Bay Area Beat we’ll talk about jobs, opportunity and the invisible workforce that is migrant skilled labor. This latest episode features Chester Ruiz, who has a long history of migrant advocacy dating back to his work alongside Cesar Chavez; we’ll also delve into how those rights are still in jeopardy.

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Finding The American Dream, A Story of Entrepreneurship and Adventures

By Stanford Hispanic Broadcasting

Finding The American Dream - Standford Hispanic Broadcasting

For this program, we are talking with Chester Ruiz.

He is a first generation Californian with Nicaraguan heritage, but also an entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, and civil rights activist. Chester explains how home ownership and family is the foundation of most immigrants and how the American dream is all related with legal residency, family, the right to work and education. This American dream is closely tied to his ideas for civil rights and to his new enterprise.

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