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Adelante Team

Si Se Puede!®


Angie Reyes

Bilingual Loan Processor & Loan Assistant


Angie heads up the Adelante loan processing service in Español. She is a experienced loan processor who cares about serving the non-English Speaking consumer. Her primary responsibility is to insure that all of our partners are in compliance with California Civil Code 1635.2.


Angie brings her experience as a immigrant and multicultural professional to the Adelante Team. She recently became certified to teach Credit Smart, a educational program by Freddie Mac for consumers to learn how to mange and maintain their credit responsibility in Spanish. In addition Angie recently passed the SAFE MLO TEST.


Angie completed her formal education with a degree in Business Administration & Accounting B.S. from San Jose State University, San Jose, Ca.. In addition, she volunteers at  Family Community Church, San Jose, Ca. She is the Director of the Nursery & Toddler Room, this comes naturally to her since she is a proud mother of two children.

Jojo Harris

Administrative Manager


JOJO helped Chester start up a successful mortgage company in San Carlos in 1992. They learned the business together before the use of loan processing software. They knew that they were helping people reduce the cost of homeownership by refinancing 9% loans down to 7%


During the first wave of re-fi mania JoJo learned to lock and doc and negotiate with underwriting to remove conditions prior to funding. As the company grew Jojo took on more responsibility and took over the management and training of the loan processing department. Jojo would occasionally bring her daughter Leanne to the office after school, Leanne would work under JoJo’s desk very quietly and observed her mother in action. In 1999 JoJo was recruited to work as the assistant for a Senior VP of Stanford University Real Estate Department.


In May of 2018 Chester called JoJo and found out that she recently retired from Stanford and had relocated to Auburn Ca., her daughter Leanne was married and expecting her first child in November of 2018. Chester shared his vision with Adelante and Jojo volunteered her services to help Adelante. In addition JoJo volunteer to train Leanne with the new Calyx Point processing software. This mother and daughter team rocks, Adelante’s capacity to serve is growing exponentially.

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